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Personal Stories About Working With DCS

Hear it from our clients: Personal Stories about Working with DCS

At Defence Coating Systems (DCS), we value our clients' opinions and experiences. We believe that their input is an essential part of helping us to provide the highest quality products and services. That's why these videos are not just generic statements or reviews - they're personal stories about working with DCS. Through their stories, you'll get an honest insight into their experiences of working with us.


Vailo was looking for a local powder coating supplier in Adelaide that would collaborate with them in their product design process. They didn't just want a paint and ship supplier. They wanted a company to partner with them throughout the design process to deliver a high quality product. That's why they chose DCS.


Stratco has been working with DCS for more than 10 years now. They were having challenges getting their heritage fence panels into the marketplace at the right quality and right price. A powder supplier recommended they try DCS, and the rest is history. We solved their challenge and have been working together ever since.

MacTaggart Scott Australia

MacTaggart Scott Australia looks after and refurbishes submarine equipment that is constantly in seawater, so they require high-quality painting to protect their equipment from corrosion and extend its life. DCS has been MacTaggart Scott's one-stop shop for more than 11 years now to deliver this high-end service.


Nilsen had problems with quality and pricing with other powder coating suppliers in Adelaide, so they gave DCS a go. Nilsen was surprised by DCS's quality, pricing and ability to deliver on time. We have been working together for more than 5 years now.

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