Case Study: MacTaggart Scott

 Safeguarding Submarines Against Corrosion


MacTaggart Scott Australia, a division of an international company, was established in Australia 12 years ago. The company specialises in refurbishing and maintaining submarine equipment. This equipment, situated outside the submarine's pressure hull, is constantly exposed to seawater, a factor that can cause considerable corrosion. To guard their equipment against this corrosive damage, high-quality painting is of utmost importance.

Rigorous Specification Requirements Led Them To Defence Coating Systems

Given the demanding environment of submarine equipment, MacTaggart Scott has a rigorous specification for painted finishes. This led them to Defence Coating Systems (DCS), a provider of painting and blasting services. Over the past 11 years, DCS has not only met these exacting standards but has become their one-stop shop for all of MacTaggart Scott's powder coating requirements.

Testimonial from the CEO of MacTaggart Scott Australia

Hear Peter Richings, the CEO of MacTaggart Scott Australia, and Dot Sommer, the Quality Manager, discuss their 11-year partnership with Defence Coating Systems (DCS) and explain why DCS has become their one-stop shop for all their powder-coating requirements.

The Strength Of The Partnership

The strength of the relationship between MacTaggart Scott and DCS cannot be overstated. Despite a requirement to conduct marketplace trials, our partnership has remained unshakable. MacTaggart Scott has tested other suppliers over the years, but they have always remained with DCS. This speaks volumes about the quality and reliability that DCS brings to the table when exacting finishing standards are required.

The Value of Lasting Relationships

What sets DCS apart is not just our technical capabilities but also our customer service. We provide prompt assistance and support whenever issues arise, ensuring smooth operations for customers like MacTaggart Scott. This level of service is one of the core reasons that we have had customers stay with us for more than 20 years.


In conclusion, the successful partnership between MacTaggart Scott Australia and Defence Coating Systems is rooted in mutual trust, consistent quality, and exceptional customer service. The fact-based evidence from their 11-year relationship serves as a strong recommendation for other companies in search of high-quality painting and blasting services.

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