Case Study: Stratco

A Partnership Now In Its Second Decade


Stratco, an industry leader with over 70 years of experience in supplying high-quality home improvement products such as roofing, fencing, sheds, and patios, faced a significant hurdle just over a decade ago. They were struggling to bring their heritage fence panels into the marketplace promptly, maintaining the expected quality and competitive pricing simultaneously.

The Challenge

Ensuring the timely delivery of heritage fence panels at the right quality and price had become a considerable hurdle for Stratco. This issue was not just about meeting market demand but also about maintaining the high standards that Stratco had set for itself over its seven decades in business. The company needed a solution that would not only address the immediate delivery and quality challenges but also align with their long-term business objectives and reputation for excellence.

Testimonial From Stratco Purchasing Manager

Hear Chad Horsnell, the Purchasing Manager of Stratco, talk about their journey with DCS and why they have maintained a close working relationship with them for more than a decade now.

The Solution

Defence Coating Systems (DCS) was recommended to Stratco by a powder supplier who had a long-standing relationship with them. DCS impressed Stratco with their ability to maintain quality standards and address the challenges they faced. The dedication DCS demonstrated to quality, service, honesty, integrity, and excellent communication has seen them become an integral part of Stratco's team. In addition to providing quality powder coating services, DCS form a part of Stratco's quality assurance by conducting quality checks and maintaining thorough records on each batch.

The DCS-Stratco Partnership

For more than a decade now, DCS has been providing consistent powder coating services for Stratco's heritage fence panels. The role of DCS is pivotal as they are usually the last ones to touch the panels before they reach the customers, making their work crucial to upholding Stratco's brand image and quality promise.

Stratco has been so impressed with DCS's consistent performance over the past decade that they now actively recommend DCS to other businesses. This speaks volumes about the positive impact of DCS’s services on Stratco's operations and their overall satisfaction with the partnership.


The Stratco-DCS partnership is a great example of how businesses can overcome challenges through strategic collaborations. It illustrates the power of choosing the right partner - one that aligns with your values, complements your services and is committed to your success.

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