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Nilsen is an Australian electrical company with a rich history dating back to 1916. Specialising in electrical contracting, service, and switchboard manufacturing, Nilsen has grown into one of Australia's largest electrical companies over the course of an entire century. So, when the company faced challenges in their supply chain with powder coating, DCS was keen to help.

The Challenge

Nilsen was having problems with quality and pricing with other powder coating suppliers. They needed a reliable, cost-effective solution that would ensure the high quality of their electrical switchboard assemblies, a key component in their service offering. It turned out that finding providers who could provide what they were after was difficult until they came across DCS.

Testimonial From Nilsen Operations Manager

Hear Dylan Pattison, the Operations Manager of Nilsen, talk about overcoming the challenges they faced with other powder coating suppliers by appointing DCS as their preferred supplier.

The Solution

DCS began working with Nilsen's five years ago. They quickly impressed Nilsen's with the superior quality of their services and the competitiveness of their pricing. Moreover, DCS's ability to consistently meet delivery deadlines made them the perfect partner for Nilsen's powder coating needs.


The partnership with DCS proved successful. Nilsen found DCS’s services met their high-quality standards, offered competitive pricing, and ensured timely delivery. The consistent performance of DCS led Nilsen to continue their engagement for their electrical switchboard assembly needs.


By choosing DCS as their powder coating provider, Nilsen managed to overcome the challenges they faced with their previous suppliers. Additionally, with DCS as their powder coating provider, Nilsen managed to maintain the quality of their offerings while ensuring competitive pricing and reliable delivery. The outcome of this partnership has left Nilsen extremely pleased, underscoring the value of the superior service and product quality offered by DCS.

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