Case Study: Vailo

Powder Coating OEM Equipment


Vailo, a technology engineering and manufacturing company specialising in high-powered sports lighting, made a strategic shift from an import model to locally designed and manufactured products. This significant transition required sourcing local suppliers, including for their powder-coated products, to ensure they had access to the highest quality materials and services within South Australia.

How DCS became a powder coating supplier for Vailo

Vailo required a supplier who not only delivered high-quality powder coating but also demonstrated a deep understanding of their unique needs and requirements. After exploring several options, Vailo chose DCS as their supplier for powder-coated parts. The decision was influenced by DCS's exceptional level of engagement in the design for manufacturing process. A third-party customer who had prior experience working with DCS had originally referred us, which also played a significant role in Vailo's final decision.

Testimonial from Vailo's Chief Commercial Officer

Hear firsthand from Sam Vial, Vailo's Chief Commercial Officer, how DCS goes beyond just supplying parts but rather works to ensure the delivery of a quality product every time. See why Sam endorses DCS as a partner that adds value.

DCS's Approach and Active Role in Vailo's OEM Process

DCS's role extends beyond that of a traditional supplier; we have become an integral part of Vailo's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) process. Our in-depth understanding of supply chain intricacies and dedication to quality assurance (QA) have established us as a supplementary safeguard within Vailo's rigorous QA system. We adopt a proactive approach in collaborating with Vailo's team to pinpoint potential issues and devise corrective measures, ensuring that we collectively uphold the high-quality standards set by Vailo for the final product.

Findings and Recommendations

Vailo selected DCS as their supplier for powder-coated parts owing to DCS's commitment to enhancing the design process and our high level of engagement in design for manufacture. DCS's early involvement and meticulous attention to detail have helped us quickly establish a reliable manufacturing process for Vailo.

DCS has proven to be more than just a supplier, becoming an integral part of Vailo's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) process. DCS has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges associated with Vailo's supply chain and actively contribute towards their internal Quality Assurance (QA) approach. Notably, DCS has emerged as an additional safeguard within Vailo's QA process, effectively identifying and addressing issues with the supplied product.

For these reasons, Vailo recommends DCS as a full-service supplier for powder coating to OEM manufacturers seeking a supplier that engages with their design process and ensures a quality product is being supplied.


Our partnership with Vailo is a testament to the value of deep engagement, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality. We aim to go beyond traditional supplier relationships, offering meaningful partnerships that enhance OEM processes and ensure product excellence. Future partners can expect a dedicated team that understands supply chain complexities, contributes to internal QA processes, and consistently delivers high-quality outcomes.

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