Our Team

Tradespeople Skilled in Diverse Industries

The driving force behind DCS is a dedicated team, each member bringing unique skills and innovation to the table.

At the heart of Defence Coating Systems (DCS) lies a team of specialist tradespeople. Each member brings a unique skill set to the table, contributing to a highly effective unit that consistently delivers exceptional results in diverse industries such as Defence, Mining, and Original Equipment Manufacturing.

The management group below guides the DCS specialists with a focus on innovation, quality, timely delivery, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Cameron Johnston

Owner and Managing Director of the Rowlands Group (which includes DCS), Cameron is an action-oriented leader who constantly questions the status quo in pursuit of better outcomes for our clients. His knack for spotting opportunities keeps DCS on its toes and constantly improving.


Robert Cebulski

As Chief Executive Officer of the Rowlands Group (which includes DCS), Rob has a clear vision to harness the group's wealth of knowledge and foster strong collaborations with our customers. His ultimate goal is to innovate and improve our operations.

Robert Cebulski

Louis Kerrigan

Louis is driven by a commitment to making the most of every opportunity he is presented with which has seen him progress from managing the Air Warfare Destroyer project for DCS at Osborne to becoming our General Manager.


Bronny Morgan

As Business Manager, Bronny's 15 years experience working at DCS provides our team with invaluable guidance, enabling us to develop reliable products and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

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