Our Approach

To Create Coating Solutions That Improve Products

We are a Complete Turnkey Coating Provider

Our process starts with taking your coating brief, and we then work with you to develop a coating solution to enhance the performance of your product.

Throughout our process, we batch-test and create records to document your product's journey through the validation process. Following delivery, we keep all records for you to access and use for product verification with your clients.

Our services below show a product's typical
journey through the DCS painting process:

Abrasive Blasting


We start with abrasive blasting to achieve effective adhesion for powder coating and wet spray protective coatings. We can blast up to six-metre lengths and a high volume of small parts through our tumble blaster. We offer a range of abrasive media, including ceramic, steel shot and garnet.



Correct pretreatment is imperative, and your painting system's success depends on it. For example, if you paint your house, you don't just slap the paint on the wall. You sand, mask and prepare all surfaces for painting. So too, with creating a painting system for your products. We guide you through developing the proper pretreatment process to ensure the best performance of your products well into the future.



We ensure our painting treatments are applied precisely, from fine exact-masking of medical devices to grand-masking for large defence vehicles. Masking is a specialised service that enables us to protect the areas where your products must remain treatment free. For example, masking protects delicate electronics, plugs, threads, and the like.

Protective Coatings


If your product needs to look new in 10 years or has to live on an oil rig or submarine, we can construct a painting system that will meet or exceed your performance requirements. We have an innate understanding of the performance that your products require based on providing this specialised service to Defence, Mining, Construction and OEM markets for 26 years. If you need your products to keep performing well into the future, we will help you guarantee that they do.

Powder Coating Services


We can process large volumes of products on our continuous conveyor line, including online iron phosphate pretreatment in a single pass. So if you want your products to look their best, we can powder coat them at volume with speed or provide bespoke treatments for your larger, more complex products.

Batch Testing & Record Keepting


Batch Testing and Record-Keeping are critical requirements for product verification and quality control. Particularly with Defence projects, we keep complete and extensive records, and these services provide a document trail for the life of your products and beyond.

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