Case Study: Kongsberg

Painting the NASAMS Mk 2 Canister Launchers


Defence Coating Systems (DCS) recently embarked on a major defence contract with Kongsberg Defence Australia.  The project encompassed painting the next-generation NASAMS Mk 2 Canister launchers, which were then delivered to Raytheon Australia as part of the LAND19 Ph 7B program. This partnership required strategic investment and innovation due to the large size of the launchers and the specific technical painting requirements.

Strategic Investment and Facility Expansion

Faced with the task of painting the substantial canister launchers, DCS made a strategic decision to invest nearly $500,000 in upgrading their Wingfield factory. This upgrade included the installation of one of the nation's largest on-site defence coating facilities, a highly specialised spray booth tailored to accommodate the size of the launchers.

This investment and commitment to meeting the project's specifications led Kongsberg Defence Australia to award DCS the contract, integrating them into their Australian supply chain.

Spray Booth Installation

Our newly installed, specialised spray booth at the DCS Wingfield factory signifies our commitment to meeting client needs.  This investment supports five jobs, fortifies relationships within the defence sector, and paves the way for future collaborations.

Project Execution and Partnership Building

Embracing the challenge, DCS successfully painted the NASAMS Mk 2 Canister launchers according to the specified requirements, utilising their newly installed spray booth and their team's expertise.

The partnership between DCS and Kongsberg Defence Australia was characterised by mutual respect and effective collaboration, resulting in a strong working relationship. Both companies are excited about the potential for future joint ventures.

Outcome and Broader Impact

The successful execution of the project had several far-reaching impacts. DCS not only cemented its position within defence manufacturing supply chains but also contributed to the expansion of the South Australian-based Rowlands group, which owns DCS.

Moreover, the new facility at the Wingfield factory led to the creation of five new jobs, underlining the project's contribution to local economic growth.


The NASAMS Mk 2 Canister launchers painting project exemplifies how embracing challenges, making strategic investments, and fostering partnerships can lead to success in complex projects. This is the ethos of DCS.  This collaboration with Kongsberg Defence Australia exemplifies these qualities. This case study serves as a testament to our appetite and willingness to engage in significant strategic partnerships.

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