Defence Coating Systems (DCS)

Complete Powder Coating and Wet Spray Services

Why Work With Us?

Defence Coating Systems (DCS) offers end-to-end powder coating and wet spray services to enhance and finish your products.

At DCS, we think of our customers as part of our team. We're all in this together, working side by side to make your products the best they can be. Our goal? It's simple yet ambitious. We aim to make your products stronger, ensuring that they not only meet but also exceed the demands of their future use.

When you choose DCS, you're gaining a dedicated partner committed to your success who provides premier powder coating and wet spray services.

We Engage Early

When you bring your products to DCS, we don't just coat them; we partner with you to further develop and improve them. Our approach is to build a treatment and a finishing system to match or enhance your products. That might include providing corrosion control, pre-treatment, blasting, colour and texture to ensure they look like new ten years from now.

We Improve Your Products

We partner with you to make your products the best they can be. To make them stronger, last longer and meet or exceed the requirements that their future purpose demands.

We Are Part Of Your Team

We encourage an iterative process. Ideally, your team will bring us your requirements, and we will work together to build a recipe for the treatment and coating of each of your products. We are at our best when we work as part of your team to help you deliver your clients the best possible products that meet and exceed their needs. Your success is our success.

We Are Your Factory

We understand the importance of our role in helping you sell your products, and your team needs to be free to focus on getting your products out into the market. Therefore, we know we can best serve you by providing our factory as your own. It might have a DCS logo on the front door, but you are free to bring your customers here, and we encourage you to engage with us like we are your own powder coating plant.

We provide complete finishing systems

Clients often come to us to coat a product, but we build a system to
improve and finish their products using the following services.


Abrasive Blasting

We can blast items up to six metres in length in our 8-metre booth. Additionally, we can handle a high volume of small parts with our tumble blaster and offer a variety of abrasive media.



We provide comprehensive pre-treatment services designed to ensure the optimum performance and longevity of your products.


Masking Services

We ensure that our coating treatments are applied with precision, from the fine and exact masking of medical devices to the broad area masking required for large defence vehicles.


Protective Coating Systems

We develop individual product and component coating systems to keep your products protected and performing at their optimum levels.


Powder Coating Services

If you want your products to look their best, we can powder coat them at volume with speed, or we can provide bespoke treatments for your larger, more complex products.


Batch Testing and Record-Keeping

We provide batch testing and production record-keeping services for product verification and quality control.

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The value we've experienced from DCS is their early stage engagement and the level of care and detail they provide to create a quality product. I would recommend DCS to anyone looking for a full service supplier for powder coating.

Sam Vial - crop
Sam Vial
Commercial Director, Vailo
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We've been using DCS for 11 years because we need high quality painting to protect the submarine equipment we service from corroding as it is constantly in seawater. DCS are our one-stop shop for painting and blasting, and their documentation is excellent. We recommend you give them a try.

Peter Richings - MacTaggart Scott Australia
Peter Richings
Director & General Manager, MacTaggart Scott Australia
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We've been using DCS for over 10 years because of their quality standards. They are honest, operate with integrity and provide a high level of communication. We recommend you give them a try, we're sure you'll be happy with their quality and service.

Chad Horsnell - Stratco
Chad Horsnell
Purchasing Manager, Stratco
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Nilsen's were having problems with quality and pricing with other providers. Once we tried DCS we never looked back. They have a blend of the three things we're after, quality, pricing and the ability to delivery on time. I would recommend DCS to anyone looking for a great service and product.

Dylan Pattison - Crop 2
Dylan Pattison
Operations Manager, Nilsen Group
BAE Systems
Australian Submarine Corporation
General Dynamics
MacTaggart Scott Australia
Kongsberg Defence
Sage Automation
Ellex Medical
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